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Dari coin officially launched

Dari coin officially launched
Dari coin has opened its doors and officially launched its announcement on the well known btc forums. You can now read all about our project, don’t forget to leave a message when you’re there!

Listed on serveral Exchanges

Dari coin is listed on serveral exchanges. You can trade Dari coin on coinexchange and novaexchange. That last one will soon be back online!

Our plans for 2018/2019

Read all about our plans for 2018 / 2019. Dari coin is a healthy altcoin and on the market for more then a year. We started in June 2017 and Dari coin has proven to be a sustainable chain.

How to earn Dari Coin?

Follow the steps below to get your first Dari coins

Trade Dari coin on one of the Exchanges

Buy/sell trade DARI once it is listed at the first Exchange.


Proof of Stake

POS dari coins for keeping your coins within the Dari Wallet. Daily rewards are comming your way


Start Mining

Participating in mining pools and start Mining Dari coin. How it works? Check our our announcement!


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